New Drivers — What Parents Should Keep In Mind

Congratulations! Your teenager can drive. No more leaving home in the middle of dinner to pick your child up from soccer practice. Or, now you can ask him or her to get the morning's milk because traffic was rough and you want to get home as soon as possible to prepare dinner.

Police officers issue citations. It is their job to issue citations for speeding, speeding in a school zone, speeding in a work zone, driving too close, etc.

If you learn that your new driver has received a citation, please consider contacting the law firm of GPS Law Group, to assist with your child's defense, as opposed to simply "paying off" the ticket. Attorney Douglas K. Simmons has addressed criminal charges for nearly 20 years in both Mecklenburg County and Cabarrus County. He is experienced with a wide variety of charges that stem from traffic law. Read article entitled, " Criminal Background Reports and Expungement" for a listing of charges. If you have been charged with an offense that is not listed, please contact us to learn if we are able to assist with that charge.

How Traffic Offenses Can Impact Your Future

For students or individuals who are not U.S. citizens, but may have the intent to become citizens of the USA, know that although we are not immigration attorneys, we will be cognizant of your immigration status because we recognize the negative consequences that can result if you are convicted of misdemeanors and more serious offenses.

In addition, if you are a student and you are currently receiving federal student aid, you may risk the loss of your federal student aid if you are convicted of certain drug offenses during your funding period. Furthermore, you may be barred from reapplying for federal student aid for a specified period of time.

So whether you are a high school student or a student attending UNC Charlotte, Johnson C. Smith University, Metropolitan College, Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte School of Law, Davidson College, Belmont Abbey, ECPI University, King's College, New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Charlotte, Kaplan College, Strayer University, University of Phoenix-Charlotte, etc., and you have been charged with an offense in Mecklenburg County or Cabarrus County, please contact our office to discuss your charges and your options by calling 704-269-4223.