Aggressive Personal Injury Representation

Have you or a loved one suffered from a serious personal injury in North Carolina? If so, you could get compensation for all consequences, from medical bills to pain and suffering.

In a free, no-obligation consultation, the attorneys of GPS Law Group can help you understand how the law can help you. We will sit down with you, listen to your situation and give you our assessment. If you have a case, we will fight for you on contingency, accepting no attorneys' fees until you get a settlement or verdict.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can take an unlimited number of forms. We represent people who have been injured in many types of accidents, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including trucks, cars, motorcycles and pedestrians
  • Medical malpractice
  • Vicious animal attacks including dog bites
  • Prescription errors by doctors or pharmacists
  • Slip and falls

There are numerous ways in which another person's carelessness can result in injuries. For example, defective brakes caused a man to be thrown from a golf cart, which then fell on him and broke his ribs. In another case, an improperly installed shelf fell off the wall of a store and hurt our client. A careless driver drove off the road, down an embankment and into our client's bathroom wall, causing serious injuries.

In all, our lawyers have handled hundreds of personal injury cases. Our founder, Douglas K. Simmons, worked for many years in insurance defense and brings tremendous insight into the workings insurance companies to his current plaintiff practice. He has learned from experience that people should never take the first offer given by an insurance company; they should always consult with a personal injury lawyers first.

Contact Information For Our Law Firm

If you have any questions about our services or about personal injury law, you can contact our Charlotte office by calling 704-269-4223. You can also fill out the form on the Contact Us page of this website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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