Experienced Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

GPS Law Group, has close to 25 years of experience helping injured North Carolina residents recover due to injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents. We understand the personal injury process and the way to handle cases in our courts. More importantly, we put your concerns first in making certain you recover the sorts of compensation that will meet all of your needs.

The Kinds Of Motor Vehicle Accident Representation We Provide

We can help provide representation to you in any number of motor vehicle accidents. This includes:

  • Car accidents: Even a minor car accident can result in serious head, neck and back injuries. It is therefore important to make certain your short- and long-term medical needs are met, you receive compensation for lost wages, and any settlement or verdict takes into account your pain and suffering.
  • Truck accidents: These sorts of accidents are often severe and can result in serious and traumatic injuries. There may be more than one party responsible including the truck driver, trucking company and even the manufacturer of the truck. We aim at holding all such parties accountable.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Unfortunately, many drivers do not give motorcycle riders the right of way. The lawyers at GPS Law Group, stand up for the rights of injured motorcycle riders when injuries occur.
  • Pedestrian injuries: These sorts of accidents can happen at any time of day and at any street corner. Sometimes these involve drivers without insurance and hit-and-run accidents. We make certain to find you the adequate coverage to recover from such injuries.

The Experience And Resources To Help You

Motor vehicle accidents can cause severe and permanent injuries and are one of the leading causes of death in our nation. Such accidents are often the result of carelessness on the part of driver such as excessive speed, the failure to follow the rules of the road, and drunk and distracted driving.

Whatever the circumstances, we will investigate your claim and put together the kind of evidence needed for a successful claim. Having tried cases in Charlotte for as long as we have, we have access to experts and accident reconstructionists who can testify on your behalf.

We will never recommend you settle a case when it is not in your best interests to do so. Whether through trial or settlement, our personal injury attorneys will do what is necessary to maximize your recovery. We also understand how to negotiate with insurance companies and hold them accountable for the policies they provide. As we always come prepared to try your case in court, insurance companies are more likely to settle your case with you.

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